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Imani Management Inc.
"People working together"
Angel Lavergne, President

412 Malcolm X Blvd
New York, NY 10037

Phone   212.543.0448
Phone   212.781.7033
Fax         212.781.9609


"Our cooperative was in disarray when we hired the services of Imani Mgmt Inc. Our books were not in order and we had various city and state agencies requesting their reports. In addition, our roof and elevator were in desperate need of attention. Honestly, Imani got us back on track in a short period of time. I liked their approach to problem solving."

Beatrice Jones
1867 7th Ave HDFC

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Welcome to Imani Management Inc.

We are proud to say that we do not fit the mold of a traditional management company. For example, we do not attempt to take over any building that we manage. As such, all of our clients keep total control of their checkbooks.

We present the board of directors with the idea of creating an office in the basement for the purpose of managing documents and meeting with tenants. Furthermore, we seek to build a corporate environment by creating an appealing place to hold both board meetings as well as general shareholders meetings.

Imani understands the need not only to manage the building systems, but also to connect the individuals within those structures with the larger community. We make sure to emphasize the need and importance of belonging to the local community boards, joining the police commmunity advisory board, and inviting local politicians to meetings. We promote youth activities, voter registration, and block associations, among other things.

How can Imani manage your property?

Imani Staff

As the president, Angel Lavergne is responsible for overseeing the entire operation. Angel has over 22 years of experience in the management and ownership of low-income cooperatives.

Clara Lavergne, Vice-Pres. Masters Degree in Education. She is in charge of supervising the administrative staff, overseeing payments to vendors and purchasing.
Rachel Fernandez, Office Manager/Property manager. Manages the day to day office operations, handles repair issues and payables. Ms. Fernandez works closely with the accountant in the preparation of the monthly reports and assists the president.
Maribel Mendez, Accounts Receivable Specialist, In charge of handling all maintenance and/ rents payments. Over 7 years experience handling receivables.
Jennifer Nova, Office Assistant in charge of Posting Payables, handling repair issues and assisting with all clerical related duties.
Alfredo Lavergne Jr., Master Degree in Architecture and Urban Planning. Responsible for scopes of work for the repair and/or replacement of building systems (Consultant).
Nelly De La Rosa, CPA. She is responsible for maintaining all financial records. Over 15 Years of accounting experience.
Rosa Lavergne, Consultant. Ms. Lavergne holds a PHD in counseling and assists with conflict resolution when required.
Consultant, Lisette Lavergne is a trilingual licensed attorney with over 7 years of legal experience. Ms. Lavergne has provided advice with respect to marketing and business development.
Alex Cruz, Consultant. Mr. Cruz handles all reporting associated with the Regulatory agreements between the cooperative and HPD. Responsible for submitting Yearly reports to HPD.
Elio Bernardo Ruiz, Responsible of marketing and publishing. Mr. Ruiz administers the rental and sale portfolio.